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Oriental and Persian rug cleaning requires expertise and skill. The cleaning process involves a delicate balance of pH solutions. In fact, should only be done by truly professional rug cleaners such as Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston specialists. It’s not just a matter of how dry you can keep the Persian rug cleaning, but how quick you can dry the carpet or rugs. Expert  Air Duct Cleaning Houston specialists offer a safe quick dry rug cleaner. Our technicians have undergone thorough training in rug carpet cleaners.

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At Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston our specialists, understand and respect the amount of money you have invested in these prize pieces of artwork, and our highly skilled team can guarantee you that we will treat them as delicately as we would our own rugs with delicate care such as we would with upholstery. For the majority of carpet and rugs, Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston recommends truck-mounted rugs steam clean to leave the carpet rugs fibers dry in just a few hours. This is the most effective rug cleaning method to date, and, even better it only uses natural spray soap and hot water system. As its cleaner solution with a carpet protection rinse. With our truck-mounted cleaner machines, water is injected deep into the fibers of the rug, agitating the dirt, dust mites lose. Then all of this is sucked up with a powerful vacuum. The result is a very neat and clean carpet, you don’t have to worry about leaving any cleaning solution remains left behind, which can attract new soil. Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston our rug carpet cleaning machine can adjust to a dryer steam clean sensitive rugs carpet.

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Oriental, Persian Rug Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal

Stain removal for area rugs is just as specific a process as is general cleaning for area rugs. We have a variety of clean solutions specific for each different type of stain on different rugs types, including rug dry clean.

Some rugs require dry clean only, some it’s okay to use truck mount carpet cleaners with good vacuum power. Silk, and, other rug types can handle a certain amount of liquid. 


Although you may worry that your coffee stain or track of grease in from the garage has doomed your area rug to the trash can. We will apply our Persian rug carpet cleaners knowledge to remove the rug stains completely or as much as possible. It is best to treat a stain early, and, making a call to professional rug cleaners is the best idea. General rug cleaners aren’t suitable for many types of rugs, furthermore, many cleaners methods and risky, or simply don’t work. As a matter of fact, we have tried, and, true methods of removing many different types of stains from many different types of carpeting. Specialized rug carpet cleaners service

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If you are searching for good rug cleaners, so, please call Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston.  See how our specialists can meet your needs. Whether you are looking for general carpet cleaning or specialty rug cleaning for your antique oriental rugs.  We will surely impress you with the carpet cleaning results.

To help you best care for your special Persian or oriental rugs. Call Expert  Air Duct Cleaning Houston specialists to get the reliable and affordable Rug Cleaning Houston service.

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