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Improve the airflow in your home and reduce fire hazards with help from Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston. Disparate most other businesses that only offer basic cleaning; we can do full-system air duct and dryer vent cleanings. You can also rely on us for duct repair and replacement, and we can adjust the airflow to other rooms in a home as well. Through the Houston dryer vent cleaning service, we aim to make customers glad, help them breathe more easily, and guarantee that they inhale cleaner air. 

Clothes dryers need dryer vents to dry clothes. The dryer heats the clothes and spins them, but without a dryer vent the moisture would have nowhere to go and it would take forever to dry clothes. The tube you see behind the dryer connects the dryer to the dryer vent, inside the wall. The dryer vent is a small tunnel that directs the moisture outside, going either upwards through the roof or sideways to an outside wall. Sounds pretty simple right?

Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning

Benefits of Getting a Dryer Vent Cleaning From Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston

Improve Performance:

A clogged dryer vent will limit how much air and moisture is removed from your clothes, making your dryer run longer than necessary. Plus, the excess wear and tear on the unit means more frequent repairs.

Reduce Energy Bills:

Because a dryer duct cleaning will improve dryer performance and cut down on drying time, you can expect to pay less in utility bills.

Prevent Fires:

Dryer lint is very flammable. And when lint clogs your dryer, the unit overheats, significantly increasing the chances of a fire.

Tips for keeping your dryer vent neat and clean: 

Clean Your Lint Filter After Every Dryer Cycle: 

Your dryer duct is designed to remove the lint that the filter doesn’t catch. When the lint filter is full and can’t catch any more lint, the amount of lint going into the dryer vent will raise and make it clog quicker than normal. 

Check The Vent Flap When Your Dryer is Running: 

Located outside, the dryer vent flap keeps objects from entering your dryer duct. But the flap can sometimes get stuck, which will prevent air from escaping when the dryer is running and cause it to overheat. Check the flap every few months to make sure it’s working correctly. 

Getting Annual Dryer Duct Cleaning: 

The best thing you can do to prevent a clogged vent is to get it cleaned annually. A dryer vent cleaning service will remove all the lint, debris and dirt in your duct, preventing buildup that causes clogs. Our highly skilled technicians provide high-quality, reliable, and professional duct cleaning services for the Houston Texas area. We offer eco-friendly cleaning services and uses environmentally friendly cleaning materials for all aspects of your home, including carpets, chimneys and more. Expert Air Duct Cleaning Houston saves the environment with their Vent Cleaning Houston Service!

Give us a call today. Our professional cleaning staff is knowledgeable in cleaning carpets, rugs, chimneys, upholstery and more. We use the latest equipment for effective cleaning. We provide only quality work that will result in customer satisfaction. This is the most important thing for us. 

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